Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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I feel like my hearts been ripped out. I kept waiting for the moment she came walking through the door or her hand twitched showing she was alive. Despite the traumatising ending I loved this book. Even though no amount of perpetration can brace you for the heartbreaking ending. Veronica Roth has a beautiful way with words which allows the reader to feel the characters every emotion along with them.

Once again Veronica Roth created a brilliant plot full of twist and turns. As problems arise within their city Tris and Four along with a group of others decide to venture out into the unknown past the border to see what lies on the other side. What they find is not what they were expecting. Their whole world will be turned upside down as they discover the real reason for the factions. The author has mastered the art of keeping the readers attention perfectly. This book is full of suspense and danger. It also is full of fantastic twist and turns which will keep the reader up waiting to see what will happen next. The characters are forced to make hard decisions to reach the end goal of the book. Veronica Roth has created a wonderful plot and a beautifully written book.


On top of this the authors characters stayed true to themselves throughout the whole series. In this book I noticed a big difference in Tris and Four they had both matures a lot and I enjoyed watching this happen slowly throughout the series. As well as individually becoming more mature their relationship also matured significantly as both characters had to make tough decisions but in the end it made their relationship stronger. You could tell how much they loved each other which made the ending even harder to cope with.

Overall I thought this was a wonderful but heartbreaking conclusion to a fantastic series. These books will stay with me for a long time. Veronica Roth is a brilliant author and if you haven’t read this series yet you have read them as sons as possible.

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