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Welcome to the blog tour for the brilliant book Bending the Rules. Included in this post is a review of the book and also a great giveaway for you to enter. Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for organising this review tour.

Now on with the fun 🙂


Author: L. K. Lewis

Series: Breaking the Rules (#2)

Genre: Contemporary, romance

Audience: New Adult

Publication Date: 1st April 2014

Source: thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


“Drake isn’t just someone I love, he’s the one I love the most in this world. He’s my best friend, my breath, my everything. I realize in this moment that the true reason I’m on this journey to find Drake is not just because I miss him and want him back, I’m also missing a huge part of me. Until we’re together again, my life isn’t complete. Without him I’m not whole.”-Morgan

“… I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to you. It was nearly impossible not to but Morgan we wouldn’t be standing here right now if I had. You found me Baby. When you met me on your first day at Baylor what seems like a lifetime ago you found me. Only this time I’m not letting you go.”-Drake

Struggling to get her life back on track after being left suddenly and inexplicably by (secret) boyfriend –not- boyfriend and boss Drake Baylor Jr., Morgan Lane searches the globe to find Drake knowing that the only way to truly live the life she’s worked so hard for is with him by her side.

Banished to Zurich, Switzerland by his father after being caught Breaking the Rules, Drake has nine months to get the European Division of Baylor Industries back on track. Again, he must obey the rules so that he can hopefully return to his life with Morgan and take the helm of Baylor Industries.

Everything is going according to plan as usual for Adrian Thompson who has just gotten Drake banished to Switzerland as part of his plan to get Morgan (his college sweetheart and hopefully future trophy wife) back in his life for good. With a little help from Lana Lane, Morgan’s mother, Adrian is hoping to have Morgan wearing his ring by New Year’s Eve.

After a few months of being wooed by old flame and now boss Adrian, and without so much as a word from Drake, Morgan hesitantly accepts Adrian’s invitation to join him for New Year’s Eve in St.Moritz Switzerland. Foiling Adrian’s plan, a “chance encounter” finds Morgan back in Drake’s arms.

Will Drake and Morgan be able to overcome the distance and time that is now between them along with a few of the hurdles that life has thrown their way? Morgan and Drake are once again faced with figuring out how to start their new future together- this time not Breaking the Rules, only Bending them.



My Rating: 4/5 stars




My Review:

An amazing sequel and a fantastic conclusion to the Breaking the Rules series. L. K. Lewis has once again captured her audience and left them rooting for the characters. Throughout the first book the reader is desperate for the characters to have their happy ending and this sequel was no different. As the reader you experience every tear, every smile and every heart break along side the brilliant characters of this novel. The only reason I couldn’t give this book a full five stars is because allow for the majority if the book I connected with the characters and understood them, there was parts of the novel were I found it very difficult to connect with the characters. Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed Bending the Rules and was drawn in by the fantastic plot.

Morgan is left heart broken when her secret romance with her boss is discovered. After having no communication with him for weeks Morgan is finding it difficult to stay hopeful. When ex-boyfriend Adrian returns determined to win her back Morgan struggles to decide between moving on or caring on fighting for the love she shares with Drake. I would recommend that you read this series in order as the events from the first book effect the second book. Although there is a love triangle in this novel it is not a traditional one. Morgan clearly loves Drake and is willing to fight for him but his absence is keep them apart. Normally I’m not a fan of love triangles as they leave me frustrated but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This is a phenomenal sequel filled with drama and heart ache. The author has created a book full of twist and turns that keep the reader interested. The reader finds themselves desperate to finish simply so they can see if Morgan and Drake will finally be able to be together. L. K. Lewis has written another brilliant book that leaves the reader heart broken and wanting more. But no good novel is complete until it has equal good characters.

The author had created brilliant characters even though it is difficult at times to connect with them. Drake is sexy, protective and would do anything to give Morgan the life she deserves even if that means staying away from her. The love Drake and Morgan share leaves the reader rooting for them and hoping they will get back together. If you hated Drake Sr. In the first book then you will despise him in the second book.

Overall this is a brilliant sequel that has the reader hooked from the very beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more from L. K. Lewis. I would recommend anyone who likes romance novels read this book as it is worth your time even if your not normally a fan of love triangles.


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Get to know the author:

LK Lewis lives in Northern Michigan with her Husband and 3 year old son.

Born and raised in Michigan, LK spent her early twenties chasing the man of her dreams (now husband of 8 years) around the country, residing in both New York, and Portland, Oregon. While living in Portland, LK attended East West College of the Healing Arts, and is now a Massage Therapist, Makeup Artist, and Spa/ Boutique Owner.

When LK isn’t working, writing, or chasing her son around, she enjoys boat days, playing in the sunshine, and giggling with her husband. You may also find her on twitter most days, especially live tweeting when The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead is on. Check her out, you may enjoy her colorful commentary!



You now have the chance to enter a great international giveaway. To enter and win an Amazon gift card simply click on the link below. Good luck!

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Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check this book out 🙂


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    Giselle (@XpressoReads) said:
    May 9, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    I don’t mind a love triangle if it’s done well, either, and it sounds like this one is. I really like the sounds of this series it’s right up my alley for sure! Glad you liked it! 🙂

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