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Welcome to the book blitz for the brand new book Messenger. Included in this post is a great giveaway for you to enter, some excerpts from the book and a brilliant interview with the author. Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for organising this blitz.

Now on with the fun 🙂


Author: Laury Faulter

Series: Guardian Trilogy (Prequel)

Genre: paranormal, romance

Audience: Young Adult

Publication Date: 8th May 2014


Maggie does not know she is a Messenger. She has never met her eternal lover. She has never survived a Fallen One. All this changes when a Messenger awakens in the Hall of Records only to die moments later, never to return.

As Maggie sets out to determine why the Messengers are suddenly beginning to die, she crosses paths with the infuriatingly appealing Eran and their story begins.

In this riveting account of Maggie’s first life on earth with Eran, the star-crossed lovers’ romance transpires amidst treacherous enemies, their friends’ resistance, and their own opposing wills. With the odds against her, can Maggie survive long enough to admit the feelings she has so carefully denied?

Messenger is the first prequel to the bestselling Guardian Trilogy – the breathtaking romantic saga about a love that has lasted centuries between a Messenger and her Guardian.




Here is two brilliant excerpts from this book.

Excerpt 1:

Without thinking about it, I rolled my shoulders backwards into his palms. The heat from him was soaking into my tight muscles and it was an unavoidable relief.
“Was that a moan?” he asked.
“Did I make a sound?”
“I think you did.”
I released a half-laugh, too tired to offer anything more.
“It was a good sound,” Eran whispered and I felt his fingers stiffen at his candid acknowledgement. It was the first time he moved them since he laid them on me, but I got the distinct feeling he didn’t want to stop there and yearned to curl his fingers around my shoulders and feel me more fully.
A constrained sigh escaped him, followed by a deep, forced inhale.
His thumbs moved, sliding down the dip between my shoulder and neck. They were tender, barely a whisper against my skin. And I knew he was exploring me, just that small and subtle part but taking his time not to miss an inch. When his hands reached the base of my neck, they paused and I thought he was done, would now pull back and step away. But his thumbs moved up over the top of my palms, embracing my hands.
I was acutely aware of his scent, the quickened pulse in his thumbs, his restrained breathing.
He opened his mouth to speak but the tent flap opened, bringing him to a sudden halt.


Excerpt 2:

I twisted around in search of Eran.
He stood over a small body lying in an odd position. Its head was facing me and I could see Cedric’s face, dirtied with his eyes closed. His back was exposed and the grey appendages were in the midst of sinking into his body.
I looked up to find Eran staring over his shoulder at me, his handsome face contracting into dread.
He spun on his heel and sprinted for me, the fear in him deepening with each step.
As I waited for him, something flowed into my left eye, blinding me. I brought my hand to it and wiped. It was warm and stuck to me. When I pulled away to study whatever it was, a deep crimson color was swathed across my fingers. It collected at the bottom of my hand and dripped, splattering the same color on the dirt at my feet.
Lots of it…
I suddenly felt dizzy, weak. I reached for Eran.
He was closer now, having taken to flight, the mist clearing in his wake. Down that narrow grey tunnel he created, at the end of it, something stirred. It left hollowness in my heart.
Cedric wasn’t dead.
He was knocked out and beginning to revive.
With Eran facing me, he had no idea.
I searched for my rapier, the one Oleg’s brother had given me. Somehow it had made it down the hill, landing a few feet away. The silver in its handle contrasted with the yellow grass, peeking at me from between the dead blades.
I went for it, picking it up, stumbling under its weight.
Then the ground came at me as I fell toward it. But before we could meet, I used the thrust of my fall and sent the rapier through the air.
My toes twisted with the force and my body rotated until I could no longer see Eran or Cedric or the rapier. I was facing the hillside by the time my shoulder and hip slammed into the dirt. But I was smiling because the aim was good. The rapier would hit its target. Eran would be safe.
I was smiling for all these reasons, and because I didn’t have the slightest notion how much danger I was actually in.



Buying Links:

If you like the sound of this book then you can find the buying link below.




Get to know the author:

Laury Falter is a bestselling author of young adult romantic suspense and urban fantasy. She has three series out: the Guardian Trilogy, the Residue Series, and the Apocalypse Chronicles.

To learn more about Laury and her novels, visit her at:
Twitter page:
Facebook page:
Goodreads page:


Interview with the author:

Q. What inspires your writing?

A. It is incredibly fulfilling when readers get excited about any one of my books. To put it simply, I write for them.

Beyond that, I started writing my first book in January 2009, after Joyce Durham lost her battle to colon cancer. I am good friends with her daughter, Erika, who was then faced with the very difficult task of learning how to deal with the loss of her mother. Witnessing her struggle and that of the Durham family, I wished there was someone who could visit with those who had passed over to the other side and bring back messages to the living, reassuring them that all was fine with their loved one. And from it, Magdalene Tanner was born. I went on to write FALLEN in just under two months, releasing it in March 2009.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being an author?

A. Bringing a couple’s love to life on the pages so that they can rouse the reader’s emotions. Along those same lines, knowing I’m taking my readers away from the onslaught of daily life for a brief vacation is incredibly rewarding.

Q. What is the toughest part of being an author?

A. Deadlines! I try to turn around a book every few months and that can be a grueling schedule. Ugh!

Q. If you could not be author, what would you do/be?

A. I was a full-time marketing professional until I lost my job last summer. To pay the bills, I wrote the second book of the Guardian Trilogy. Thankfully, people liked it! If they didn’t, I’d still be putting together marketing plans.

Q. What is your favorite book of all time?

A. The Bridge to Terabithia. It was the first book I read as a child that made me cry, and it still makes me tear up when I think about it now. An absolutely wonderful read!

Q. Which character from ANY book are you most like?

A. Margaret Simon, from Judy Blume’s book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”. Like her, I have great inner dialogue that is constantly rambling through my head.

Q. What character from all of your book are you most like?

A. Magdalene “Maggie” Tanner. I completely connect with her unwavering dedication to protect others.

Q. What is your favorite season?

A. Fall. I LOVE Halloween. What other day of the year can you dress up like a zombie and no one will think you’re crazy, or run screaming from you?

Q. What inspired your book cover(s)? Or what is your favorite book cover and why?

A. The online versions of the Guardian Trilogy have a lot of white space in the background because I sold Fallen first on my personal website and didn’t want to waste anyone’s printer ink when printing the book. The remaining novels followed suit. This worked out, thankfully, because the colors (or lack of) represent a great contrast between good and evil.

Q. Anything you want to say to followers of this blog or those that are just stopping by?

A. If you enjoy being taken away for a little while by a romantic story set in a paranormal world, check out Laury Falter’s books at


You now have the chance to enter a great international giveaway. To enter and win ebook copies of the full Guardian Series simply click on the link below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter Giveaway


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check this book out 🙂



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