Review: You Make Me

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Author: Erin McCarthy

Series: Blurred Lines (#1)

Genre: romance, contemporary

Audience: New Adult

Publication Date: 17th April 2014

Source: A big thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book.

Goodreads Blurb:

The guy she wants…

Growing up on the coast of Maine with a revolving door of foster siblings, Caitlyn Michaud spent one intense and passionate year falling in love with her foster brother, Heath. Then he left without a word. The betrayal devastated Caitlyn and made her vow to forget the compelling bad boy. But forgetting his sensual touch and their deep all-consuming friendship is easier said than done.

Isn’t the guy she needs…

Determined to move on, in college Caitlyn has risen above her small town impoverished roots and has joined a sorority, reinvented her appearance, and landed the right boyfriend. Pre-law major and frat president, Ethan, is thoughtful and always laughing, and he makes her feel happy, calm. He also gives her the social acceptance she craves.

But the perfect world she tried so hard to attain is ripped apart when Heath appears one night out of nowhere. Caitlyn remembers all the reasons why she loves him, even if they don’t make sense to anyone but her. Out of the military, Heath is as brooding and intense as ever, and he is determined not only to win her back, but to exact revenge on everyone who kept him from her…

And when one love allows her to breathe, but the other feels as essential to her life as air, how does she choose between them?



My Rating: 4/5 stars



My Review:

This novel draws you in from the very beginning. The opening prologue grabs the readers attention and leaves them desperate for more.  Although I really enjoyed this book there was a few things that let me down and meant I had to lower my rating. The main problem I had with this book was the leading girl as I found it difficult to connect with her. Despite this I did enjoy this book overall and wished it had been longer. Erin McCarthy created a brilliant book packed full of angst, drama and heart ache  that was pulled together by the wonderful ending. The conclusion of this novel was perfect it allowed the reader to finally understand the characters and understand their at times selfish actions. Before the ending though was a captivating plot that although predictable at times was fantastic.

Overall anyone who enjoys a tormented love story should give this book a try. Although there was some things that let the me down reading this book was worth it. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series to see what the author does next.


Get to know the author:

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Thanks for stopping by and another thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book 🙂

Do you like the sound of this book? Have you read any other books by Erin McCarthy? Let me know what you think. 


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