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Welcome to the blog tour for the brilliant book Misplaced. Included in this post is a review of the book and a great giveaway for you to enter. Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for organising this tour.

Now on with the fun 🙂


Author: Lee Murry

Genre: mystery, contemporary, romance

Audience: New Adult

Publication Date: 1st December 2013


Dream cars have no registration plate…

One evening, Adam’s mum pops out for the milk and doesn’t come back, launching a frantic nationwide search. Yet after weeks with no leads, the television crews drift away, the police start asking hairy questions, and Adam’s dad starts seeing someone else. Adam’s life is falling apart. But then he meets Skye, who it seems has misplaced a parent too, and things start to look up. That is, until a body is found…




My Rating: 4.25/5 stars


My Review:

This fast paced novel pulls the reader in and leaves them wanting more. Lee Murray draws the reader in using her original plot and likeable characters. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book there is still one unanswered question, what happened to Adam’s mum? At a few points in the book I thought we were getting closer as new information was discovered but nothing ever developed into finding his mum. ‘Misplaced’ was purely focused on Adam’s emotions and his life during the months after the disappearance of his mum. By the end of the novel Adam was still no closer to finding his mum and it seemed unlikely she would be found anytime soon. The author left questions unanswered which gave her book a unique aspect. This novel wouldn’t have been as good as it was without the phenomenal plot.


Buying Links:

If you like the sound of this book then you can find the buying links below.


Get to know the author:

Lee Murray is a full-time writer and editor with masters degrees in science and management. Lee wrote Misplaced after a friend, Florence, went missing from her home in France in 2003. Sadly, Florence is still missing. Lee lives in Tauranga, New Zealand with her husband and their two teenaged children



You now have the chance to enter a great tour giveaway.  To enter and win an Amazon gift card simply click on the link below. Good luck!

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Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out this book 🙂

Do you like the sound of this book? Would you consider reading it? Let me know what you think. 


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